How can I help ?

There are many ways to help us. Here is what we are particularly looking for :

  • scans of missing or alternate covers
  • missing info (backing band, producer, engineers, etc ...)
  • corrections (incorrect or incomplete tracklisting or album info, more accurate recording dates, etc ...)

If you think you can help, please send us a mail via our contact page. Regarding covers, we'll answer your mail via an email address dedicated to that purpose.

How to navigate ?

The most important pages on this website are the album & artist pages. On the album pages, you'll find all the information related to each album and the album covers. On the artist pages, you'll find all the albums and various artists compilations where an artist appears as singer, producer, engineer, etc ...

All the information on albums (producers, labels, engineers, etc ...) are cross-referenced, that means you can surf from page to page using the links for personalities, labels, etc ...

For example, from the 'Double Barrel' Album page, you can go to the following pages : Dave Barker, Ansel Collins, Winston Riley, Errol Brown, Joe Gibbs Studio, Trojan...

You can also use the search tool to reach an artist page (see below)

How to use the search tool ?

We have made a great effort to improve our search tool especially with regard to speed and features. It now corrects all the basic typing errors (i.e. Cambpell instead of Campbell).

It also recognizes exact names and leads to the artist or label page (i.e. if you search for king tubby, it will lead you directly to the King Tubby page)

Can I download or buy music ?

This website doesn't offer or propose to offer any music to download or buy. If you're looking for a rare album , one of the best places to start looking is ebay. We'll also add a few links to internet shops we've tried.

How to contact us directly ?

You can write to us only from our contact page. Due to heavy spamming, we don't plan any direct email access from this website.