Burning Spear - Creation Rebel

CD #CDHB 164 2004
Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Door Peeper (Original Single Mix)
This Race (Rare Stereo Mix)
This Population
Bad To Worst (Rare Stereo Mix)
New Civilization
Pick Up The Pieces
Zion Higher (Rare Stereo Mix)
Swell Headed
Foggy Road
Creation Rebel
Ethiopians Live It Out
Rocking Time (Rare Stereo Mix)
Get Ready
What A Happy Day (Rare Stereo Mix)
Call On You (Rare Stereo Mix)
Free (AKA We Are Free)
Down By The River (AKA Down By The Riverside)
Weeping And Wailing (Rare Stereo Mix)
He Prayed
Rocking Time (Original Single Release With Clement Dodd)

Mixing Engineer : Sylvan Morris

Producer : C.S. Dodd

Vocals : Winston Rodney
Backing Vocals : Al Campbell & Winston Rodney & Larry Marshall & Rupert Willington
Drums : Leroy Horsemouth Wallace & Fil Callendar
Bass : Boris Gardiner & Bagga Walker & Leroy Sibbles & Carlton Manning
Guitar : Eric Fratter & Patrick McDonald & Albert Griffiths & Carlton Manning & Ernest Ranglin & Fil Callendar
Keyboards : Robert Lynn & Richard Ace
Horns : Jo Jo Bennett & Denzel Laing & Cedric Im Brooks & Enid Cumberland & David Madden & Vin Gordon & Headley Benett

Studios :
Recording : Studio 1 (Kingston, JA)

Comment :
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