Various Artists - Safe Travel

CD #PSCD 47 2005
Record date : 1966-68

Album style : rock steady, solo vocal, group vocal, instrumental

Playlist :
Phil Pratt - Safe Travel
Larry Marshall & Alvin Leslie - No One To Give Me Love
Milton Boothe - I Used To Be A Fool
Phil Pratt & Ken Boothe - Sweet Song For My Baby
Horace Hinds - Black Man's Country
Peter Austin - Time Is Getting Harder
Phil Pratt - Reach Out
The Cool Cats - What Kind Of Man
Hemsley Morris & Phil Pratt - Little Things
Tommy McCook - Bigger Things
Larry Marshall - Money Girl
Ken Boothe - You Left The Water Running
Charlie Ace - Book Of Books
Don D. Junior - Dirty Dozen
Hemsley Morris - Love Is Strange
Ken Boothe - The One I Love
The Clarendonians - Bye Bye Bye
Tommy McCook - Caltone Special
Alva Reggie Lewis - Suicide (Hang My Head & Cry)
Peter Austin - Your Love
The Thrillers - I'm Restless
The Clarendonians - Baby Baby
Phill Pratt All Stars - Victory

Producer : Phil Pratt